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Mavic Construction Inc. is the structure installation company that stands out for its outstanding service and the quality of its work. Now with 16 years of experience, Mavic Construction Inc. has won the confidence of several project managers with the outstanding quality of work as well as their professionalism. Since its existence, Mavic Construction Inc. has built over 2 million square feet of structure and also, they has directed several major projects, resulting in more than 100,000 square feet.

Mavic Construction Inc. is a company that stands out among others in that it has the necessary equipment to be self-sustaining. It also outperforms other companies by its efficiency, remarkable teamwork and professionalism that emerges.

Mavic Construction Inc. serves the Greater Ottawa Region, Ontario and the Laurentians. Whether it is for your small or large projects, Mavic Construction Inc. is the solution for you.

We would be pleased to receive your plans. Be sure you can get a cost estimate quickly and we are ready to build your project with enthusiasm.

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